Import and Bonded Warehouse Department

Martinspeed has a department dedicated to the management of import procedures and the running of our Customs Bonded Warehouse. This enables us to provide expert advice on fine art customs formalities, as listed below

    • Temporary Admission – where bonded works are expressly on display with the purpose of sale
    • Clearance into free circulation – paying UK import tax @ 5%
    • Clearance into a Bond warehouse – for storage in the UK
    • Returned Goods Relief (RGR) – for items returning to the UK Vat/duty free
    • Import Processing Relief (IPR) – for temporary import of items coming in for conservation.
    • NIRU – import clearance for Museums and Galleries where VAT and Duty are suspended
    • MIB (Merchandise in Baggage) – customs procedures for small items accompanied by couriers
    • Personal effects
    • Inherited goods
    • Diplomatic consignments